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Apartment Size Washer And Dryer

Want an apartment size washer and dryer?  Apartments have limited space and for that reason, you want to maximize the space that you do have, this may involve using smaller beds, smaller furniture and of course, smaller washers and dryers.  If you need an apartment size washer and dryer, you’re basically looking at getting an all-in-one solution.  Sure, you could get the stacked washer and dryer, however the best apartment size washer and dryer is one that is the size of just a washer, but has the capabilities of both a washer and a dryer.

Just incase you were interested in the stacked version however, I have included a review for one here, in the end though, the one you pick will depend on what features you’re interested in or what kind of price you’re operating within:

1.  Haier HWD1000 1 7 cu ft washer-dryer Combo

Here’s a really cheap solution at only $595.  It’s rated 3.5/5 stars by 20 reviewers which isn’t too bad, especially considering the price.  This is a washer and dryer all rolled into one, it has 7 fabric care wash cycles, 4 dry settings and automatically dries your clothes after they’re washed. 

This takes a lot of work out of doing your laundry as all you have to worry about is putting the clothes in, not returning to shift clothes over from one machine to the other.  This also operates rather quietly and leaves your clothes exceptionally clean.

2.  Frigidaire 27" Electric Stack Washer Dryer Combo - GLET1031CS

This is the stacked apartment size washer and dryer I was talking about.  This is still good enough for an apartment, however the all-in-one solutions still is better.  This unit however sells for $831 and has been reviewed by 11 people on Google Products for an average of 4.5/5 stars.  This has a variable position water level adjustment, a 5.7 cubic foot dryer capacity, 1/4 HP motor, 200 CFM air flow, 50RPM tumbling speed and a white finish.

This fits into a closet, is easy to hook up and is a great unit for singles or couples.  The fact that the dryer Is at eye level also makes it easier for you to reach into.

This is not the best thing for a large family though, you will want to get a larger unit if you have 4 or more people you’re doing laundry for.

Now if you’re looking for another apartment size washer and dryer, there are other options for you to consider, these are merely 2.  I would suggest you do more research so you can be sure you’ve made the right purchase decision, make sure you do it online though as it’s easiest that way.